Welcome To Historia BaseX.

Masternode Monitoring and Community Product Management

Getting Started

Please forgive the mess! At this point this site is mostly for masternode owners and voting node owners to provide guidance on what they would like to see for the Historia BaseX web application.

Setup a Masternode or Voting Node

Have you setup your masternode or voting node yet? Masternode instructions are here or Voting Node here.
-Masternode: 5000 HTA
-Voting Node: 100 HTA

Create Your Account

After you have setup your Masternode or Voting Node, please create a new BaseX user account here.

Register Your Masternode

After creating a BaseX user account and after you have setup your masternode or voting node, please register your masternode or voting node with BaseX. Instructions on how to do that are here.

Review Your Masternode

If you own a masternode, please review the masternode listing page here. If your masternode is listed with IPFS / Web Accessible values of Yes/Yes, then you are setup for extra rewards. If any of these values are "No", you will not receive extra rewards.

Governance Objects

Currently submission of records is disabled since they are "permanent". You can submit proposals now.